Dental emergencies can happen at any moment, which is why Gies Family Dental provides efficient treatments to quickly relieve discomfort for our patients. Receiving care as soon as possible is crucial to preserve your smile’s health and overall function.

Call our office immediately at 210-522-1777 if you believe you are experiencing a dental emergency.

Dr. Lavoyger Gies can be reached after closing hours to administer comprehensive dental care for those unplanned accidents. Our team’s mission is to meet all our patients’ needs while keeping them informed through the restorative process.

What Considered an Emergency?

Primary examples of dental emergencies are those cases where the tooth has suffered significant damage resulting in avulsion, chips, fractures, or an injury to the soft tissue. While these are the most common forms emergencies there are instances where, due to a lack of symptoms, they go unnoticed.

Periodontitis and gingivitis are often left untreated for quite some time since bleeding of the gums are regularly thought of as normal and receding gum lines are hardly visible at first. If these diseases remain uncared for, it may lead to advanced periodontitis, resulting in the loss of teeth and bone mass. Another dental concern which may be overlooked is a tooth abscess. The bacteria from that abscess may be dangerous and spread to the rest of the body. Many patients do not see any long-term consequences relating to the initial signs, so they often get disregarded.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, contact our office immediately by calling the emergency number provided above. To ensure your smile’s health is always at its best, visit our San Antonio practice of an examination to indicate any underlying oral concerns.

Cases of Dental Emergencies

There are many types of dental emergencies that could happen for multiple reasons, some of the most common forms of emergencies regarding your smile are:

Broken Tooth may be caused by untreated tooth decay or injury. Patients are recommended to seek immediate dental treatment in order to save the pulp from infection.

Toothaches are the most common signs of a dental emergency and occur for many reasons, from trauma to advanced dental decay. If a toothache does not subside, you should consult Dr. Gies at our office.

Tooth Avulsion, also known as tooth loss, has many causes such as periodontal disease and oral trauma. By seeking immediate treatment, the chances of the natural tooth being saved are increased.

For Your Dental Emergencies Contact Gies Family Dental

We offer our patients comprehensive and compassionate care for all their dental emergencies by utilizing state-of-the-art technology and personalized treatment plans. If you are experiencing a dental emergency or have any questions regarding them, contact us today!


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