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Dental Implants in San Antonio from Gies Family Dental

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Gies Family Dental is dedicated to delivering restorative treatments to improve oral health and the quality of life for patients in San Antonio, Leon Valley, and surrounding areas. Dental implants permanently replace one or more missing teeth, with their reliability being consistent with our practice philosophy. Dr. Lavoyger Gies, DDS, and his team recommend implants for patients no matter the number of teeth lost. 

Choosing Dental Implants Over Alternative Treatment
Single Crown Implant

When a patient loses a tooth, there are many long-term impacts to their health and appearance that may occur, such as premature aging and a loss of confidence. A natural tooth’s root is anchored within the jawbone, which helps hold the tooth in place while also maintaining the integrity of the bone. When a tooth is missing for an extended period of time, the jawbone begins to go through a process known as resorption, which not only causes a sunken appearance but also decreases structural strength.  

An advantage that dental implants have over that of a fixed bridge is they allow Dr. Gies to focus solely on the area where the tooth is missing. Bridges require alterations to be made to neighboring toot so they may support the prosthetic. Implants imitate natural dental structures, with the biocompatible titanium posts acting as a tooth root, keeping surrounding teeth from shifting into the space.

In addition to an improvement in confidence, digestion, and speech, a patient can anticipate the long-term benefits of dental implants. As an implant-supported restoration replicates natural teeth, caring for your replacements does not require any more than a normal at-home hygiene routine. 

Dental Implant Treatment Options

Dental implants can be made to replace a single tooth up to an entire arch of teeth. Our San Antonio practice utilizes state-of-the-art technology to perform implant treatment and create beautiful restorations. Dr. Gies ensures every prosthetic is made to meet our three pre-requisites of excellence: precision, artistry, and beauty. Our in-house technology includes X-rays with 90% less radiation and E4D CAD/CAM technology to fabricate restorations designed for the unique contours of your smile.  

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Dr. Gies wants to help patients regain confidence in their smile’s appearance as well as provide them with a fully functional bite. Offering experienced care and using the latest materials and technology, we supply our patients with replacement solutions designed to last for years. To learn more about dental implant treatment in San Antonio, contact Gies Family Dental and schedule your consultation.

Dental Implants in San Antonio 
Dental Implants in San Antonio