In-House Benefit Plan

In-Office Dental Benefits at Gies Family Dental in San Antonio, TX

Preventive dentistry is a key element to maintaining lifelong oral health. In addition to cleaning the teeth of plaque and tartar build-up, routine dental appointments allow dentists to monitor your smile from changes and recommend proactive treatment to prevent potential problems from compromising an individual’s oral health and function. However, many patients put off these biannual appointments due to a lack dental insurance.

In San Antonio, Dr. Lavoyger Gies and his dental team are committed to helping all patients gain access to important preventive care. Through our in-office benefits plan, San Antonio patients and their families gain access to important dental care.

Candidates for In-Office Benefits

At Gies Family Dental, providing accessible dental care is a key element of the overall patient experience. Whether you are unemployed, are unable to afford dental coverage through your workplace, or are unable to afford independent dental coverage, all patients are eligible for our in-office benefit plan.

Through the Gies Family Dental Benefit Plan, patients receive:

Two Annual Cleanings and Check-Ups: During these appointment, our San Antonio dentist will evaluate the condition of your smile, remove plaque and tartar buildup, and recommend a long-term hygiene plan to ensure continuous oral health between visits. To identify any potential dental issues, these regular visits also include oral cancer and TMJ screenings.

Unlimited Emergency Exams: Accidents can happen to any patient at any time. Putting off treatment for dental emergencies can compromise your oral health and function. Through our in-office benefit plan, patients are encouraged to visit our San Antonio dental office to identify the cause of their emergency.

$100 Towards Necessary Dental Treatment: In addition to hygiene recommendations and emergency visits, our In-House Benefits Plan also includes $100 towards necessary dental treatments, such as crowns, bridges, and other procedures required to restore health and function to your smile.

Financing Dental Care in San Antonio

Through our In-House Benefits Plan, patients receive coverage for one full calendar year once membership has been paid. For adult, couple, and children rates and to learn more about affordable dentistry in San Antonio, please contact our dental team today. In addition to this convenient benefit plan, Gies Family Dental also accepts all major PPO plans. Contact our practice today to learn more about financing your dental care.